Bunting House Pincushion

Bunting House is the place where all good pins and needles rest. It’s the perfect pin cushion to sit beside


Purrrfect is an adorable stitchery project on a Large Creative card that’s purrrfect for cat lovers Completed Size: 4″ hoop diameter

Elfin Delight Needle and Scissor Keep

The little fairy? Her name is little Elfin, she is delicate, tiny, free spirited and loves dancing with the butterflies.

Bella Babushka Quilt

Bella Babushka is a very simple quilt to make and love. With six sweet babushka girls and simple squares this

Miss Pixie Pincushion

Say hello to Miss Pixie. Miss Pixie likes to keep your pins safe, if you enjoy a little hand stitching

Bean Pods Floor Cushion

Fun circular and squishy bean bag ‘pods’ for big or little ones bottoms, a great place to sit and read

Mermaid Dreamer

A beautiful silver haired mermaid with her sleeping seahorse. Mermaid Dreamer pattern includes instructions for two beautiful projects in one. Design

The Secret to Happiness Stitchery

Celebrate the simple things in life. Be inspired by Natalie Lymer’s embroidery pattern about the secret to happiness. It features