Tired of struggling to get your large quilts through your small machine? Bring them to us instead for longarm quilting! We now offer edge to edge longarm quilting services on our HandiQuilter machine.

Ring us on 01253 370190, email us at staff@sewhot.co.uk, or come into the shop to discuss your requirements. We accept quilts by post or dropped in to us. If you are posting your quilt we strongly advise using a tracked service and letting us know you have shipped it so we can keep an eye out for it. We have a wide variety of batting and widebacks available if required.

Browse through our available patterns in the booklets below.


Don’t see anything you like? Choose any pattern from the following websites and we will purchase it for your quilt:

Urban Elementz

Intelligent Quilting


Longarm Prices for Edge to Edge Quilting

Size of Quilt (inches)

Up to 40 x 50

Up to 60 x 70

Up to 70 x 90

Up to 80 x 95

Up to 90 x 100

Up to 110 x 110

Up to 120 x 120

Regular Pattern








Dense Pattern









Preparing Your Quilt

To get the best out of a longarming service, please make sure you do the following before submitting your quilt top:

  1. If your quilt has piecing out to the edges (rather than a border), stay stitch the edges of your quilt about 1/8″ from the edge to ensure no seams pop open as we are working on your quilt.
  2. Press your quilt top and backing (if provided) so all seams lie flat.
  3. Trim stray threads from the quilt top, especially where there are dark threads underneath light fabrics as these will show through if left in place.
  4. Make sure that your backing and batting (if you are providing these) are at least 4 inches wider than your quilt top on ALL sides (so 8 inches wider and 8 inches longer than your quilt top in total).
  5. If you are sending in your quilt rather than bringing it into us in person, please mark the top edge of the quilt in some way (safety pin or note pinned on).