We have found an array of gorgeous soft toy patterns and we want to make them all! The patterns are simple enough for a beginner and many can be done by hand or machine.

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Huggable Harry Soft Toy Pattern

This “un-bearably” cute pattern makes Harry – the soft, huggable bear. Harry is a squashy, lovable bear, designed for snuggling.

Callie A Bunny Hill Petite Pattern

6” x 6” Farm Dog If you live on a farm, or just love farm dogs, Callie is for you!

Rest Little Rabbit Pattern

Rest Little Rabbit is a pattern for a felt rabbit with felt rocking bed, knitted blanket and fabric bedding. Designed

Bertie & Wyn

Two delightful hedgehogs, Bertie and Wyn and all their beach gear. This pattern is completely hand sewn and suitable for


3” x 6” Wool Felt, Polar Bear. Freezy is the newest Bunny Hill Petite Pattern. He’s the perfect polar bear


Flora is one feisty little mouse. She is completely hand sewn in pure wool felt , a project suitable for


Teasel is a very cute hanging felt fox ornament with embroidered jacket and wreath Finished Size: Standing Height – 9.5″


This is salty ! A super easy 10 inch high seahorse. This pattern is suitable for all levels and can

Miss Butters

4” x 6” Squirrel Chef Soft Toy. The name fits her perfectly, and Miss Butters will be cooking up a


Meet Flamboyance – the pink flamingo. This stately bird can be sewn in the sitting position, or as a hanging.

Meiling Mouse

Meiling Mouse is a dapper little creature! Designed by Two Brown Birds.


Dash is a little felt hanging reindeer ornament. Very cute and quick to make! Finished Size: 6″ (15cm)

No Drama Llama

After a chaotic day, just cuddle your ‘No Drama Llama’! He’s soft and comforting and will make your drama disappear.

Swan Party

These majestic swans really take centre stage. Swan Party contains both the large and small swan with two wing variations

Hollyhock Cottage

Make one cottage or an entire neighborhood. Either way Hollyhock Cottage is a dream house. Use this pattern for any

Dog Chase Cat Chase Mouse

Dogs chasing cats who are chasing mice conjures up memories of some of my all-time favourite childhood cartoons! These cuddly


Celebrate the wonderful Australian birdlife with this bunch of chubby, squishy loveable friends. The pattern contains variations for budgies, cockatoos,

Tassel & Pom

Tassel and Pom are the cutest Llama alpacas on the block. A simple pattern, made effective by the use of

U is for Unicorn

Possibly the fanciest animal in the alphabet series, U is for Unicorn is all glitter and hair and every little

Cheery Chimp

This adorable, button-jointed primate is the perfect addition to anyone’s softie collection! Cheery Chimp is a dapper little monkey with

Oxford and Penelope Owl

Cute 12in tall fat quarter friendly plushie owls.  

Monster Mash

Jodie, RicRac owner and designer, talks about her newest monster soft toy pattern: “I will admit I am obsessed with


A 100% Wool felt dog wearing pyjamas and slippers with a blanket Finished Size: Standing Height 11″ (27cm) Designed by Simone


A felt dormouse with felt pram and knitted blanket Finished Size:Mouse: 5″ (12.5cm) Pram: 5′ x 4′ (12.5 x 10

Foxly A Bunny Hill Petite Pattern

Foxly, a 4in x 6in Bunny Hill Petite! You will love this pattern because the results are so cute. Using

Turtle Tower Pattern by Louise Papas

Using some simple piecing and quilting techniques, these sweet turtles combine vintage style with today’s lovely fabrics! 5 sizes –

Little Traveller

The promise of adventure! The rolling hills, a walk by the sea, or rambling through the woods…who knows what we

Sea Turtle Softie Pattern

Sew up a sea turtle to love. Quilting weight cotton broadcloth, flannel, and light weight decorator fabrics. Do not use


Calamine is the sweetest bug ever. At approx. 12 inches high Calamine is perfect for hugging. His sparkly wings carry


Zebras really are quite magnificent creatures with their amazing patterned coats, which are entirely unique to each one. Zakky the