Laser-Cut Kit: Lost Legends

Lost Legends, a mandala wall hanging designed by Madi Hastings, Laser-cut applique pieces make this project a fast finish, and perfect

Laser-Cut Kit: Feline

This colorful feline is on the prowl! Can you spot the unique motifs that make up this slinking kitty? It’s

Laser-Cut Kit: Hello Honey

“Hello Honey” is a bright springtime honeybee ready to collect pollen and spread it through the flowers! Shown in bright

Laser-Cut Kit: Unicornia Crystal

A limited edition kit, “Crystal” colourway features bright, magical colours of Silver, Grey and Greens with a full-size layout guide


A collector of seashells, barnacles, algae, and starfish, this Beachcomber features rich fuchsia, coral, cerulean, chartreuse, and viridian fabrics by


Aries epitomizes the courageous, determined, confident, and sometimes aggressive dreamer and achiever in all of us. Designed by Madi Hastings