Vietnamese Áo Dài

The Vietnamese Áo Dài sewing pattern from Folkwear. This ensemble of a flowing tunic over wide-legged pants is firmly associated

Edwardian Underthings Pattern

Three charming “unmentionables” from the Edwardian bride’s trousseau. The camisole, petticoat, and drawers make lovely undergarments or the prettiest summer

Sailor Pants Pattern

Adjusts to fit all sizes. Folkwear Sailor Pants originate from those worn by WWII Navy seamen.  This style and design

Gibson Girl Blouse Pattern

Adjusts to fit all sizes. The Gibson Girl was the ideal of feminine beauty at the turn of the 20th

Victorian Shirt Pattern

Adjusts to fit all sizes. This bib-front dress shirt was fashionable for men in the 1870s and is still elegant

Moroccan Djellaba Hooded Caftan Pattern

Adjusts to fit all sizes. This loose-fitted, hooded caftan is worn everyday in the Maghreb region of North Africa. Traditionally,

Sarouelles Pattern

Adjusts to fit all sizes. Three comfortable and timeless pants designs from Turkey, Africa, and India, with elastic or drawstring

Japanese Field Clothing Pattern

Adjusts to fit all sizes. Versatile and comfortable garments include the hippari (jacket) for men and women monpei (pants) and

Big Sky Riding Skirt

Misses 8-18. Bring out the cowgirl in you! Equestrian women of the early 20th century, who were determined to ride

Edwardian Bridal Gown

Misses 6-16. This is Edwardian charm at its best. A perfect vintage wedding dress with high neck, leg o’mutton sleeves,

Schoolmistress’ Shirtwaist and Skirt

Misses 8-14. Based on the vintage uniform of the 19th century schoolmarm, this two-piece outfit features a classic “shirtwaist” or

Two Middies Top Pattern

Women XSmall to 2XL; Men Small to 2XL. The Middy has been a fashion classic for over a hundred years,

Lindy Shirtdress

Misses Sizes XS – 3XL This dress comes from the 1940’s when square shoulders, narrow hips, and skirts that ended

Poiret Cocoon Coat

Misses’ Extra Small to Extra Large. This fully-lined Cocoon Coat was designed around 1913-1919 by Paul Poiret, a renowned early

Swing Coat

Extra Small to Extra Large. This easy, breezy coat is a snap to make, with just four main pattern pieces.

Rosie the Riveter

Misses 6-20. The heroic working women of World War II inspired this factory wardrobe of camp shirt, pleated slacks, and

Le Smoking Jacket

Misses 6-16; Men’s 34-44. Smoking jackets symbolized sophistication during the 1920s and 1930s, both on the silver screen and in

Blonde Bombshell

Celebrate your femininity in this full-skirted, dramatic style from the 1950s. Make it in colorful cotton for a summer sundress

Glamour Girl Dress

Glamour oozed in Hollywood in the 1930s and 1940s, and this is the daytime dress the starlets wore. It emphasizes

Empire Dress

This high-waisted dress known today as “empire” was worn in the period following the French Revolution in the late 1700s.

Scottish Kilt

The romance of the Scottish Highlands is alive and well in this authentic kilt, kilt skirt, and Prince Charlie jacket

Old Mexico Dress

This 16th-century Spanish colonial style is quick and easy to make, with just four pattern pieces. Make it as a

Hong Kong Cheongsam

This classic exotic dress in two lengths is synonymous with Oriental elegance. Simple to sew, it has only two main

Japanese Kimono

The timeless simplicity of this elegant garment is still enchanting. Our unlined informal kimono (yukata) can be worn in various

Jewels of India

A grouping of truly versatile garments with a tailored kurta overshirt for men and women, kamiz tunic and bias-cut churidar