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Omnigrid Rotating Mat 8inch

New from Omnigrid – 8′ Rotating Cutting Mat! All the advantages of our 14′ rotating mat but sized to sit

Omnigrid Rotating Mat 14inch

Non-slip base Scalloped edge for easy rotating with fingertip. Rotate the mat instead of re-positioning your fabric or your body,

Sue Daley Rotating Cutting Mat 16in

The 16″ Rotating Cutting Mat by Sue Daley Designs is a must have accessory for English paper piecing and is

Sue Daley Rotating Cutting Mat 10in

10in diameter pink Rotating Cutting Mat.  Rotate the mat not your project. Mat rotates full 360 degrees. A must have

Olfa Rotating Square Cutting Mat 12in

This popular 12″ x 12″ Olfa rotating, self-healing, professional quality rotary mat rotates 360º smoothly, eliminating the need to move