Designing sisters Melanie Hurlston and Rosalie Quinlan come together to create Melly & Me. Melly & Me patterns are a collection of whimsical and modern designs created from a fun and eclectic mix of fabrics. All of the designs are perfect for the beginner sewer through to the advanced and most are achievable in a day!

Florence Flamingo Pattern

Florence has joined the ‘Melly & Me’ family. She is a real trendsetter, with her frilly orange shorts and legs

Raynie’s Rainbows Quick Cut Quilt

Raynie’s Rainbows is the perfect quick gift – just grab a quick cut kit and you are ready to go!

Cat Nap & Hibernate – Kids Sleeping Bags

These adorable quilt sleeping bags make nap time more fun! They are ideal for children up to approx. 5 –


Zebras really are quite magnificent creatures with their amazing patterned coats, which are entirely unique to each one. Zakky the


Chirp – Applique Quilt Completed Size: Approx 52″ (132 cm) Square Designed by Melanie McNeice of Melly & Me

Stitch in Time

Instructions to make a lovely pieced wall clock! Pattern is on a Creative Card.  


Meerkats are everyone’s favourite animal to go see at the zoo, and I can understand why! They are always so


Another great pattern from Melly & Me! This whale pattern is the perfect gift for a nursery as they are

Itty Bitty Bunny Bag

Any little miss would adore this Itty Bitty Bunny Bag. This is a small pattern on a creative card.


Meet Rocky the Rock Lobster – a fun pattern by Melly & Me.  Never considered cuddling a lobster before? Well

Merry Mouse

Merry Mouse is the perfect, cute little friend to brighten up your Christmas time! Completed size – approx 20in (50cm)

Little Ninjas

Little Ninjas – It can be hard to find a perfect toy to make for older boys who are all

Hop & Skip

The most famous Aussie animal would of course have to be the stunning kangaroo!  Hop and Skip are the sweetest little

Swanning Around

Swans seem to be one very peaceful creatures, and they have such graceful elegance.  This family of swans is no exception and would


Who doesn’t love dolphins??  They are universally loved by boys, girls, young and old due to their beautiful nature, and


Claudine the cat comes from France.  She loves to lounge in the sun, eating sardines and of course she is


Feather the Fox is oh so sweet!  With her eye-catching vintage floral coat she brings the fun of the outdoors


This cute fella is named “Crikey” in honour of “The Crocodile Hunter”, Steve Irwin. But don’t worry, this crocodile doesn’t