We stock Aurifil thread as they make a high quality product. It produces an excellent stitch with a low level of lint in your machine. It comes in a variety of weights and a wide range of colors. Please ring us or use our contact form if you have any questions about thread sizes or usage.

Aurifil Wool 12 Wt 50m Spools (30)

Glide 40wt Polyester Thread (303)

Gutermann Thread (9)

Lecien Hidamari Sashiko Thread (40)

Mettler Thread (17)

Novelty Threads (1)

Perle Cotton (4)

Prewound Bobbins (9)

Sunstop Outdoor Thread (3)

WonderFil Thread (9)

Chunky Thread (8)

Cotton+Steel Collections (5)

Sue Daley Threads (1)

12 Wt Aurifil Cotton 50m Spools (39)

28 Wt Aurifil Cotton 100m Spools (9)

40 Wt Aurifil Cotton 1000m Spools (14)

50 Wt Aurifil Cotton 1300m Spools (104)

50 Wt Aurifil Cotton 5900m Cone (8)

80 Wt Aurifil Cotton 274m spools (79)

Aurifil Brillo (24)

Aurifil Collections (108)

Aurifloss 18yard Spools (177)

Embroidery Floss (93)

Monofilament Polyester (4)