Emmaline #5 Zips By the Yard White Tape with Antique Brass Coil 3 yards


3 yards Zip by the yard. NO ZIPPER PULLS INCLUDED.

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Product Description

Emmaline’s Zipper-By-The-Yard comes in 2 sizes of nylon coil and either 3 yard or 10 yard packages. The #5 coil is perfect for areas where you want a heavier zipper, like a bag opening, and the #3 coil is suited for spots where smaller zipper coil is needed, like inner pockets, small zipper cases, pillows and crafts. You can match both your zipper opening on your bag and your inner pockets with the 2 sizes of coil! These are continuous zipper coil, and you can put zipper pulls on from either direction to make double-pull zippers. Cut them as long or as short as needed.

Zipper pulls are not included, but are sold in matching finishes.

  • Easy to sew nylon coil
  • Shiny nylon coil with the look of metal
    • Silver matches with nickel hardware
    • Gold is quite bright
    • Copper/Rose Gold are interchangeable and match with copper and rose gold hardware
    • Rainbow has pink, blue, and yellow colouring with silver metallic highlights
    • Gunmetal has a Charcoal with black/brown hue.
  • 2 way pulls, so you can add pulls from either direction.
  • Zipper pulls SOLD SEPARATELY

Zipper Pull Installation:

  • Add all pulls at once and have them on the tape ready to go, or cut zipper lengths individually and add the pulls as you need them.
  • Open up 1 end of the zipper a few inches, it doesn’t matter which end, it’s a two-way zipper!
  • Hold a zipper pull in one hand, with the rounded side down, and slide one side of the zipper tape up into opening of the slider until it just catches inside. Grip this side of the tape and the slider now with 1 hand, holding them firmly together.
  • Slide the other side of the tape up, and into the slider. Firmly pull down the zipper pull.

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Weight 57 g
5.00 out of 5

review for Emmaline #5 Zips By the Yard White Tape with Antique Brass Coil 3 yards

  1. shallsew (verified owner)

    Just got round to using this! It’s great, and gives a lovely finish to my bag. Service excellent too!

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