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Heat resistant plastic. Stencils will not melt or buckle. One sheet sized 9in x 12in.

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5.00 out of 5

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  1. happyturtleshell (verified owner)

    I am just learning to do turn under applique, and this template sheet is great. Much easier to use than freezer paper. I cut out the shape, dab a bit of washable glue in the center to hold it in place on the fabric, and cut out the fabric 1/4″ around. Then apply spray starch with a cotton bud to the seam allowance and press it over the edge little by little with an iron on medium heat. (I accidentally used high heat on one piece, and it didn’t melt – just warped a little – but on medium heat, it’s perfectly fine.) I made clamshell applique pieces for the first time ever, and I was very pleased with how they turned out. Freezer paper still has its place for shapes you will only use once or twice, but this is much better for any shape you expect to use many times. Highly recommended.

  2. Margaret (verified owner)

    Product is good.
    Be aware that price is for a single sheet , not 25.!!
    It does say that on the details .

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