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Aurifil Chipper Thread Giveaway!

We hope you’ve enjoyed Sew Hot’s Birthday month as much as we have! We’ve had huge weekly sales, and we’ve given away a Blueberry Park Journal and a Dashwood Fat Quarter Bundle.

To end this special month, and to also announce the arrival of Tula Pink’s eagerly awaited next collection – Chipper – we are giving away an Aurifil Large Chipper Thread Collection AND an Aurifl Small Chipper Thread Collection! You can enter by commenting on this blog with the three things you would most like to have with you on a deserted island! This could be sewing or non-sewing related. Be creative, be funny, but most of all be outstandingly unique.

The large Thread Collection winner will be chosen by random drawing from all comments. The small Thread Collection will be awarded to the most creative and unique answer, as determined by us. This drawing closes at midnight, Thursday March 31, UK time.

You can see the Chipper Collection HERE.

19 thoughts on “Aurifil Chipper Thread Giveaway!

  1. Trudy Lockhart says:

    Only three things? Would have to be my felines, Tabitha, Kitty and India. Love them and like most cats they love anything sewing related too!

  2. Moya Mellors says:

    Sewing machine. Fabric and thread. When can I go please?

  3. Kathleen Anderson says:

    An old peddle or handle driven sewing machine, my “stash” and a boat to get me to your shop 🙂

  4. Petra Page says:

    Sewing machine, thread and Alison Glass fabric 🙂

  5. Gill says:

    The three things I would take with me to my island would be my sewing machine, my spinning wheel and my loom – that way I could spin the thread to weave into fabric to sew into useful things…

  6. Anne Lane says:

    Hi. I would have to take my husband (So good at DIY!) to build me a hut, a bolt of colourful fabric to furnish it (no sewing involved ) and my favourite quilting book to read!

    1. Pam Chavez says:

      Congratulations Anne! You are the winner of the Aurifil Large Chipper Thread set! Send your mailing address to pam@sewhot.co.uk and we will get that out in the mail to you!

  7. Fiona hadland says:

    I would take my kindle fully loaded , enough chocolate to last forever and bear gryles to help look after me lol

  8. SueHarte says:

    A solar-powered, automatically restocking fridge (for the G&T’s), an abandoned fabric shop and a solar powered sewing machine. I could be very happy here!

    1. Pam Chavez says:

      Hi Sue!

      You have won the Aurifil Small Chipper Thread collection! Please email me your mailing address to pam@sewhot.co.uk and I will get the out in the mail to you! Congratulations!

  9. Nicola newbery says:

    3 things would be: a sewing box full of all my fave bits, my beautiful and very inspiration daughter who dispite her disability is the most amazing, loving, kind and funny person I know & my crazy kitty cats, they bring me and my daughter such joy and love!! Can we have a one way ticket please!!??!! Thank you for the chance to win such a gorgeous prize & good luck everyone xx xx xx

  10. Alexandra Wood says:

    My 3 best friends, Mel, Helen and Jenny xx

  11. Rachel Gambrill says:

    I’d take a lip balm as nothing as awful as dried lips, some hand cream to stop my hands from drying out, and my husband because he can put his hand to anything.

  12. Judith says:

    First would be tweezers, can’t live without them for dual purpose; the chin (happens to us all), and getting fiddly bits out of EPP’ing. So secondly , ,my paper pieces tin that contains pieces, fabric thread and a needle and thimble- honest it’s one thing because it’s my travel sewing. Thirdly, my Ernest Wright scissors, just in case anyone else uses them while I’m away……a cardinal sin !

  13. Sue says:

    Oo a constant supply of books anew one replaced when I click my fingers! My woolly socks I knitted, might get chilly at night my radio ah bliss

  14. Emmy W says:

    Suncream, a hammock and Jamie Dornan bringing me drinks with tiny umbrellas in them 😉

  15. Angela says:

    I’m a slave to my fizzy hair so my straighteners would be first on the list. Then my favourite baby which is my petite but feature busting sewing machine carried in the case I made with Art Gallery maker fabric. I could bring the husband but he would insist on bringing his model trains. I could leave my quilting sewing macine and overlocker. So I will go with a constant supply of cocktails for the evenings when I am exhausted from sewing.

  16. Kirsty Brown says:

    I would take Tom Cruise to make me cocktails, James Martin to cook me some yummy food and my westie Buster to keep me company!

  17. Maria Thrlwall says:

    I would need my sewing things, my husband, as he can keep me safe and make my meals and a computer with wifi, to keep into date with all the sewing sales and ideas.

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