Multi-Size Half Square Ruler


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Product Description

This new tool from Marti Michell makes it easy to cut any size half-square triangle from 1″ to 6″ every half-inch and trim the engineered corner. Use this ruler for any project that needs half-square triangle units.

This multi-size tool allows auditioning different size triangles and is an economical way to cut 11 different sizes with one tool. It’s fabulous because you have every size half-square triangle you could need between 1″ and 6″ every half-inch. The ¼″ and ¾″ increments were omitted to make the ruler easier to read. If you need one of those sizes, just add ¼″-wide tape above or below the appropriate line for a temporary guide.

And there are no dog ears when you use the engineered corners! Get rid of extra bulk several layers at a time with your rotary cutter.

Comes with 12-page instruction booklet that includes how-to’s for using this ruler to cut triangles from strips, as well as an efficient sewing method and how to cut quarter-square triangles using the same tool!


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