Birthday Giveaways – Week 2

Last week’s Birthday Giveaway was a huge success! Many of you left comments for us about what you would make with the Dashwood September Blue Fat Quarter Bundle. From these comments, we used a Random Number Generator and picked the winners!

Our first week winners are:
Blog –  Jennifer Ladbrooke
Facebook – Margaret Daniels
Twitter –  @Archiewonderdog

This week’s Giveaway will be for the Dashwood Cuckoo’s Calling Fat Quarter Bundle (pictured). Many thanks to Anbo, our fabric supplier, for sponsoring these Giveaways and helping us celebrate our Birthday!

To enter, please leave a comment on this blog (and, if you want, on our Facebook page and Twitter feed) letting us know who taught you to sew! It should be fun getting to know all of you a little better and find out who inspired you to create! Contest will be open through midnight Monday March 16. Winners will be announced Tuesday March 17.

34 thoughts on “Birthday Giveaways – Week 2

  1. Gemma Nesbitt says:

    I’m a self-taught sewer! I can’t wait to teach my children 🙂 Gemma

  2. Sandra says:

    I am a newbie to patchwork and quilting, and Sew Hots fabulous materials make it a joy and inspiration to use and make beautiful items.

  3. Kate Thomas says:

    I came back to sewing through quilting about 5 or so years ago and am totally addicted. The Sew Hot site, with the range of complementary fabric ranges to feed my stash, is such an inspiration!!

  4. Geraldine says:

    My mother taught me how to sew. By age 11 I was making dolls clothes from scraps. In the teenage years, I made my own clothes. I’ve been sewing forever. I picked up quilting about 3 years ago and have found another creative outlet. I made my first applique quilt for my mother last Christmas to celebrate the 50th anniversary of my birth (December 27). It was to be hung in her sewing room so that even though we lived in different countries we would always be connected. Sadly she became suddenly very ill and died on January 2, 2015. I miss her terribly but I find comfort in my sewing room, where her presence is always. There is nothing more soothing than the sound of a sewing machine and the joy one has when holding a needle and thread.

    I have a terrible weakness for fabric. If there was an AA for fabric shoppers, I would be one of the founding members and a lifelong addict.

  5. Carol says:

    Hi, my Grandma taught me to crochet, my Mum taught me to knit and I’m self taught for sewing, together with attending quilting workshops. I just can’t sit still without a needle in my hand!

  6. Kristy Houlston says:

    My mum taught me the basics of how to sew and bought me my first and just recently my second sewing machine (I’m a very lucky girl!). But I’ve expanded on my mums knowledge and taught myself how to quilt and paper piece. I’m hoping my mum will be there to show me some of the more tricky elements of dress making in the future, when I get around to it!

  7. Valerie Prior says:

    I learnt to sew at school, the first thing I made was an apron. I made my school dresses and then my own clothes when I was a teenager. When I became a mother I made clothes for my daughters and ham furnishings. I have recently taken up quilting and I love it and of course I love fabric there is so much choice these days that I always want to make something. I am now starting to get into dressmaking again for myself. If only there were more hours in the day!

  8. Margaret Daniels says:

    I love that crafting and sewing is now coming to the fore again. Sew Hot makes it so easy to view and purchase fabrics. And You Tube has people like Jenny Doan of MSQC and The Crafty Gemini who feed our imaginations, and, more importantly, have an innate ability to clearly convey “how to do it”. My grand daughter Lauren has started to sew on large hole Aida and I can’t wait to show her how to machine sew and encourage her love of fabrics. Just another reason for more Sew Hot fabric purchase!! I think I would make a Broken Bars quilt with this zingy fabric.

  9. Ruth Barber says:

    I remember my Mum showing me how to thread her sewing machine, and I used a machine at school once or twice, but I’m mainly self taught! I’ve made all sorts- cushions, bags, pyjamas, quilts, pencil cases… But I really want to make more clothes! 🙂

  10. Lindsey Brake says:

    My mum and great aunt used to make all their clothes, buying fabric cheaply at the weekly market. They were the ones who taught me – although neither of them quilted. Mum had an old hand-operated Jones sewing machine and that was the first one I used. Those were the days!

  11. Lynn Potts says:

    my nanna, and then my stepmum taught me on the machine

  12. Pauline says:

    My grandmother bought me my first singer sewing machine when I was 10years old to make clothes for my Sindy dolls !

  13. Alex says:

    I’m self taught. I made a shirt at school as a project and was hooked. I saved my pocket money for over a year to buy my first machine and had that for 25 years till it died 2 years ago. I treated myself to a new brother machine 10 months ago and I haven’t stopped sewing. I have been learning new skills as I go and loving making baby quilts. That’s what I would do with this bundle.

    1. Pam Chavez says:

      Hi Alex! Congratulations! You won the Sew Hot Week 2 Blog Birthday Drawing! Please email your mailing address to info@sewhot.co.uk and we will get that right out to you!

      Best regards,
      Pam and Rebecca

      1. Alexandra says:

        WOW! I won, I don’t usually win things and I’m so delighted to win this amazing bundle. Thanks to you all. I will post you a photo when I have made the quilt :o)
        Thanks again will email you my address.

  14. Geraldine says:

    I’ve just got back into sewing and would love to win this bundle

  15. Tricia Tabbner says:

    I was taught over 45 years ago by a very intimidating teacher and was so terrified when I realised that I had sown a sleeve on inside out for my examination piece. So ashamed did she make me feel that I hadn’t touched sewing again till this year when I found myself home and bored due to poor health. I bit the bullet, bought myself a basic sewing machine and have just made my first item (a patchwork baby quilt). Now feeling more confident that I can actually do this, I am looking at progressing with further sewing challenges. I love the fabrics now available with the colours lifting me from what was quite a dark place when I first gave up work. I now have all sorts of ideas and creations buzzing in my mind and would love for that school teacher to see that she didn’t destroy my confidence through her scathing remarks about my mistakes. Onwards and upwards now

  16. June Hicks says:

    Now retired I am loving all the free time I have to enjoy sewing again. I have learned to do patchwork and quilting, made a coat for my Westie, cushions, now going to have a go at toys and then try my hand at making some thing for me. LOVE retirement. 🙂

  17. Elaine Veness says:

    I’m self taught and only started 3 yrs ago! I just love making handbags, a girl can never have enough of those!

  18. Yvonne Shenton says:

    My mum taught me to sew but my friend is teaching me to quilt at the local sewing classes. Loving al the new ideas.

  19. Angela Brand says:

    Hi, I am self taught, I have recently returned to sewing after about 30 years and now I am older I think that I am more concerned with detail and neatness than my younger self ever was!

  20. Audrey Penny says:

    I was taught by my mother at a very early age how to do embroidery, my love for sewing just grew and grew as I got older. Patchwork really is my main love now though.

  21. Hazel Krzyzanowski says:

    Love fabric and sewing and love your website ! Xx

  22. Maureen says:

    Quite a list! My mother on a machine way back when I was in elementary, myself for hand embroidery in my 20s, and then a fabulous friend taught a proper machine class recently, and now I am properly hooked and have her to ‘blame.’ 🙂

  23. Lorraine Aylett says:

    Sewing has always been around me. My dad used to be a tailor years ago before he changed professions and my mum always made outfits for me when I was little. When I first moved, I wanted to make my own curtains, my dad refused to teach me (think he’s had enough of it!) so I got myself a tutor and started from there. I’m slowly working my way through different patterns, dresses, coats, trousers, and am always learning. My next project is a quilt so this would be the perfect way to start this off!

  24. Julie says:

    I was taught by my Mum who started out working for a candlewick blanket company when she left school at 15. She later moved onto sewing matteress panels for a well known bed company and yes she always has a good nights sleep….
    I started making my own clothes at 15 years old and then it became cheaper to buy them so I moved onto quilting and I’ve been addicted ever since.

  25. Fiona Bishop says:

    My mum and aunt at home (soft toys, embroidery, cross stitch etc.) and then dressmaking at school in the mid 1980s by Miss Pope. School had these beautiful old fashioned black machines – really old fashioned as they were worked by hand rather electricity – but at least the machine never ran away from you!

  26. Lynn Rawlings says:

    I have only been sewing for 20 months. I would say I am self taught but really it’s all down to generous people who share their videos and tutorials and free patterns on the internet. I have learnt so much and absolutely love my new hobby.

  27. Kandy says:

    Happy Birthday! I was taught basic sewing by my Grandma, dressmaking by my Mum and patchwork, embroidery machine quilting I learned by myself. I did do sewing at school but had no patience back then for perfection. I’m better now! Thanks for the giveaway.

  28. Angela says:

    I was taught to knit and hand sew by my mother. However, I was taught to use a sewing machine by my dad who had used an industrial sewing machine to make coats in the evening for extra money when we were very little. Forty years on I have just taught myself to crochet and now busy making bags, boxes and anything patchwork.

  29. WENDY says:

    You would be cuckoo not to enter. Would make good book covers

  30. Polly Dunlop says:

    My mother taught me to sew and knit and when she became obsessed with patchwork quilts when my sister and I were teenagers, we rolled our eyes and pronounced it boring! Now we are also quilters and I hope one day my granddaughter will enjoy sewing too. At 16 months old she certainly loves the fan quilt her great-grandmother made and traces the patchwork pieces with her fingers.

  31. Caroline says:

    I was taught to sew by my lovely mum!

  32. Ann says:

    My Aunt had the patience to teach me & allowed me to use her sewing machine whilst my Mum taught me hand sewing. I made my first quilt recently for my friend’s new baby & want to make my next one.

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