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A Sew Hot Holiday

Wow! It’s late August already and I can’t believe how quickly the summer is flying by. These past few weeks have been especially busy, as I took a two-week holiday to England to visit with my daughter (and Sew Hot partner!), Rebecca, and to attend the Festival of Quilts.

case of fabrics_webAfter arriving and loving on the grandchildren, my first request was to visit the Sew Hot office so I could admire (and yes, touch) all the beautiful fabrics. I loved seeing all the bolts of gorgeous colors and designs in person and my creative juices started flowing. While I was there, I designed and sewed an adorable pin cushion. Can’t share the photo with you, yet, but we plan on finalizing the tutorial soon, and I will post to the blog when its done!project fabrics_web

misc fabrics_webIf I thought I was going to get a lot of R&R on this vacation, I was wrong. Sew Hot is growing quickly, and I spent a considerable amount of time helping out around the shop cutting fabric, folding fat quarters and packaging orders to ship. It was fun to be able to participate more actively in the shop and to start being able to recognize names of our loyal customers. We love and appreciate all of you, and I have to admit, you have wonderful tastes when it comes to picking fabrics!

rose quilt_webNext on the to-do list was a three-day excursion to Festival of Quilts. We were not able to exhibit this year (we are planning to next year!), but we did enter our first quilt designed by me and pieced and quilted by Rebecca. It was awesome to see it hanging in the huge hall among all the other spectacular quilts. It was quite well received, as we caught other attendees snapping photos and sketching details of it. We are planning on offering the pattern through our design division “Hot Tea Designs”, and it will be available on Sew Hot later this year.

basketsAnd, to top off the wonderful holiday, Rebecca and I had a little mother and daughter “bonding time” by sewing some little soft Thread Catcher Baskets, following a tutorial by Mine is the sad looking one in white (on the right). I didn’t sew as many quilting lines in as Rebecca did, and therefore it does not have as much body and stiffness. Well, you live and learn.

hedgehog_webAll-in-all I had a wonderful time in England. I got to spend time with my grandkids, daughter and son-in-law, and spend time doing an assortment of wonderful quilty and sewing things. Also got to meet Spiney, the hedgehog, who is now residing in my daughter’s garden. You just can’t beat that combination. But holidays always come to an end, and here I am back in California attending to all my website and writing duties. Next on my list of things to do?? Sewing a baby quilt with fabric I pilfered from the Sew Hot stash! I’ll take pictures and share with you as I complete it!

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    Have recently ordered fabric and batting, very impressed with prompt service

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