Find Your Passion

I was stuffing my face with Dove chocolate a few days ago, you know… the little individually wrapped ones that have an insightful saying on the inside of the wrapper… and one saying that kept appearing repeatedly was “Find your passion”. Well, I’m not a big believer in fortune cookies, or Dove wrappers for that matter, but in the state-of-mind that I was in at the time (which would fill a whole other blog post – or two), it seemed especially pertinent and got me thinking. What IS my passion, and why do I need to find it?

I’m a very creative person at heart. Have been since my very first memories. Drawing and coloring and making things with little pieces of paper filled my earliest years. I’ve always loved color and design. I remember taking an art class in high school, and when the teacher introduced a project to create a work of art with stretched fabric and stitching, I was excited, fascinated, motivated and eventually, forever addicted to fiber arts. Since then, I have stitched, crocheted, embroidered, woven on a floor loom, sewed clothing, and quilted. All that along with the painting and drawing and designing I love.

So, yes, I do know what my passion is. To create beautiful things. To use my skills and teach others to create things they can enjoy. And to happily share my resources and knowledge on where to find all those items that are used to create those beautiful things.

Why is my passion, the urge and need to create, important? Because it’s what gives me pleasure and satisfaction of accomplishment. The giving of my creations to others gives them pleasure. Its where I can lay down all the anxieties of the day and just get lost in my project. Its where I can feel most like “me”. And its darn cheap therapy.

And that is why I am so happy and excited that I can share with you all the materials you could want to use in the pursuit of finding your passion. At Sew Hot, we work to find all those items that we get excited about and can’t wait to get our hands on to use in projects, and offer them to you, so you too can get just as excited and inspired as we do.

What is YOUR passion? Explore, try new things, create, and find that sweet spot where you feel accomplished and satisfied. Your soul will thank you.

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