What Inspires You?

A colorful sunset? A walk on the beach? Snapping photos at your local park? There are many ways to summon and encourage the muse of inspiration.

I am a true colorist. Pure, vibrant color motivates me, excites me and gets those creative juices flowing. I like to sew using the most beautiful shades of color I can find to fit the project I am working on. It’s what keeps me going.

I often find beautiful color combination inspiration in the paintings of Gustav Klimt, Paul Gauguin and Georgia O’Keefe. When I feel dry and need a dose of motivation, a trip to one of my favorite museums to soak in all the color and forms quickly does the trick to getting the rusty gears moving again. In the absence of time or will to trek into the city to visit the museums, modern technology has provided an alternate way of viewing and appreciating art that would otherwise not be available to me. The internet is a wonderful place to hang out and get ideas from!

Then, when I have refilled the dry places of my imagination, the ideas come. I pull out my fabric stashes and play joyfully with the colors and shapes until just that right combination unfolds in front of me, and “voila!” another quilt/wall hanging/fiber project has emerged. Or at least has gotten a substantial start. I won’t go into the piles of UFOs begging for attention. That is a whole other post…

As you have probably already checked out for yourself, Sew Hot is a wonderful place to surround yourself with beautiful colored fabrics. Need just that right color? I’ll bet that you can find it here. As a matter of fact, when I looked at the beautiful selection of Kona Solids that just came in, I practically couldn’t contain all the ideas that started running around in my head. Now wouldn’t they look great in that Quietude quilt pattern? Or fat quarters could be used for pops of color in any of our bag patterns. When I look at the Kona Solids page, its like looking at a fresh box of crayons! And who doesn’t like fresh crayons?

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